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Inspect Technology

Home and Building Inspection Services

What We Provide

Home inspectors conduct inspections on  properties to check for compliance and assess if there are hazards or structural defects. This entails examining both the interior and exterior of the property, including infrastructure, electrical and plumbing systems, specializing in Residential Codes and Building Codes.

I will take the mystery and the unknowns out of your property purchase or property sale.

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Professional Home Inspections & Property Preservations

Personalized Approach

Throughout my 20+ years of helping my clients, along with 15+ years of REO experience, I have gained the experience and expertise necessary to make the home buying process with the needed information and a complete fully detailed report meeting your home buying needs.

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Professional Commercial Building Inspections & Property Preservations

Committed to Excellence

Complete and fully detailed report is provided for your commercial building inspection.


Inspect Technology

Your Local Expert Home Inspection Service

I am a member of the Housing Inspection Foundation.  I am an accredited, independent Home and Building Inspector, and have been helping match the right people with the right properties since the year 2000. With my extensive experience with home and building inspections, as well as 15+ years with REO properties, I offer a full commitment to providing my clients with a full inspection report.


The Contract

Member of Housing Inspection Foundation

As a member of the Housing Inspection Foundation, I adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics and Uniform Home Inspection Standards of practice.

HIF Card_edited.png

Housing Inspection Foundation
Code of Ethics

Our Standards of Professional Conduct

This code establishes clear and ethical parameters for the Housing Inspection Foundation (HIF). Should a member violate this code of professional standards, their membership in the Housing Inspection Foundation may be suspended for a period of time, or he or she may be expelled from the Foundation.

1). Members of the Housing Inspection Foundation must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

2). Members shall always act in good faith toward the client. 

3). The Home Inspector shall provide a thorough and honest opinion of the structure and its contents in accordance with this Code and their professional experience.

4). The Home Inspector will not accept nor make available commissions or allowances, directly of indirectly, and will always perform as an unbiased third party. 

5). Housing Inspection Foundation Members will not disclose any information regarding a home inspection without prior approval from the client

6). The Home Inspector will not use the inspection process to obtain repair or similar work on the inspected property.

7). Members of the Housing Inspection Foundation must not engage in any practice which violates the law of the land.

8).Members must respect the professional reputation of other association members.

9). The Home Inspector is responsible for alerting the client to the existence of any outside interest which may affect the client or the quality of the inspection.

10). In producing the home inspection, the Home Inspector must understand the recognized methods and techniques that are necessary to produce a credible and professional inspection.

11). Members will not accept compensation , monetary or otherwise, from more than one client regarding the same service on the same property without prior consent of all interested parties.

12). The Home Inspector should always be aware of the fact that as a designated member, they represent this association, which was created to enhance the professional image of it's members and the Home Inspection industry.

13). The Home Inspector will report any violations of this Code by any member to the Housing Inspection Foundation for necessary action.

14). In those States that require licensing and certification, the Home Inspector must comply.

Home Inspection Clause

Buy. Sell. Rent. Invest.

Leasing a Home

Areas Not Included In The Inspection

  • Code or zoning violations

  • System or component installation

  • Permit research

  • Structural, geological, soil, wave action or hydrological stability, survey, engineering, analysis or testing

  • Termites or other wood destroying insect, rodents or other pests, dry-rot or fungus

  • Latent of concealed defects

  • Repair cost estimates

  • Building value appraisal

  • Automatic gates

  • Thermostatic or time clock controls

  • Water softener or purifiers

  • Radiant heat systems

  • Seismic safety

  • Personal property

  • Any adverse condition that may affect the desirability of the property

  • Proximity to railroad tracks or airplane routes

  • Boundaries, easements, or rights of way

  • Unique/technically complex systems of components

  • System or component life expectancy 

  • Items specifically noted as excluded in the inspection report

Confidentiality Clause

The inspection and the inspection report are performed and prepared for their sole, confidential and exclusive use.  Client agrees that they will not transfer or disclose any part of the inspection report to any other person with these exceptions ONLY:

  • One copy may be provided to the current sellers(s) of the property but only upon the express condition that the seller(s) covenant to use the inspection report only in connection with the Client's transaction

  • One copy may be provided to the real estate agent representing the Client and/or bank or other lender for use in the Client's transaction only. Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Inspect Technology from any third party claims relating to this inspection or inspection report.

Beach House

Contact Me For Your Home or Building Inspection Needs


Suburb Houses

Bay Property Preservation & Management

Property Preservation Services in Conjunction With Inspect Technology

Modern Villa

Property Preservation Services

Exceeding Expectations

Bay Property Preservation & Management Company is here to relieve you of the tasks of clearing your inventory of estates/properties in preparation of sale, occupancy or management of unoccupied properties. As part of our specialized services, a professional home inspection is available by a certified inspector.
We are a green company that minimizes landfill dumping.  Instead, we will donate contents to those in need such as the elderly and shelters.
Each property is unique and therefore, we customize our care based on the property you entrust us with
Bay Property Preservation & Management Company
serving the greater Bay Area:

  • Alameda County

  • Contra Costa County

  • Sonoma County

  • Solano County

  • Santa Clara County

  • San Francisco County

Home Interior

Bay Property Preservation Services

Personalized Approach

What We Can Do For You

  • Custom Interior Remodeling

  • Custom Exterior Remodeling

  • Masonry Construction

  • Foundation Retaining Walls

  • Wooden Decks

  • Ring Installation

  • Debris removal

  • Hoarding contents removal

  • Clean out and hauling services

  • Professional cleaning and sanitizing

  • Furniture Placement for ease of movement/flow

  • Property Inspection Services – Full Summary Report

  • HOA Specialist

  • Pool and spa general inspections

  • Note presence of asbestos siding and wrapping

  • Occupancy verification

  • Secure property – locks, lockbox, boarding, etc.

  • Provide scope and estimate of repairs

  • Yardwork

  • Prepare property for sale

  • Cleaning/janitorial services

  • Repairs

  • Safety rails installation

  • Assessment of Property Needs

  • Winterization/De-Winterization

  • Utility management

  • Monthly maintenance services

  • & more!

Painting the Wall

Professional Preservation Services

Committed to Excellence

We Are Here to Serve You!

  • Clientele Specialization

  • Fiduciaries

  • Conservators

  • Social Services

  • Realtors

  • 15 years experience REO/Bank Properties

  • HOA Specialist 

  • Estate Planners

  • Property Owners

  • Property Managers


With collective years of experience, we are committed to excellence and providing top-notch services with your estate properties, conserved properties, REO properties, property preservation, asset management, and properties you may need in preparation for sale.

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